We facilitate the digitalization, minting, and commercialization of NFTs.

The world has started embracing digitalization. NFTs and Cryptocurrencies are developing a new platform for people to create and invest. In other words, a new decentralized economy is in the making. However, there is still a need for a platform that provides comprehensive and all-encompassing solutions related to digital assets. PRANA NFT STUDIO is that platform.

We facilitate the digitalization, minting, and commercialization of NFTs. Our goal is to bridge the gap between Bolivian fine art and the metaverse. Our mission is to enable artists, creatives, and businesses to evolve into the next chapter of the internet. We seek to build a diverse and durable community to grow and strengthen the NFT ecosystem in the country.

Contribute to this new digital economy by launching your own NFT collection with us. We are a team of artists, tech professionals, and blockchain enthusiasts who want to make the process of creating and selling digital art easier. We are the solution to those who seek to enter the world of non-fungible tokens.

Our Services

Art Digitalization
Digitalization process of physical works through scanning and high resolution photography.
Converting digital works into crypto collectibles or digital assets by assigning them an address on the blockchain.
Commercialization of digital assets on the blockchain resulting in an unfalsifiable traceability.
Planning and realization of face-to-face event to advertise the project.
Advice throughout the creative development and launch of projects.
Personalized artist profile on the PRANA NFT Studio website and preparation and execution of a marketing plan for projects.
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Contribute to this new digital economy by launching your own NFT collection with us.
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