Mamani Mamani

Mamani Mamani of Aymara origin, is one of the most recognized artists in Bolivia. His beautiful works of art are collected and exhibited all over the world. He has won numerous national and international awards and his paintings are best known for their vibrant colors and the intense emotions of they emanate and evoke. Inspired by the Andean cosmovision, his work illustrates the folklore and beliefs of his people.

His first digital collection, called "K'AMASA" will mark the beginning of a new stage for the renowned Bolivian artist. According to Aymara spirituality, the word "K'AMASA" means spirit and is the representation of the force that makes life possible. This collection aspires to transmit the strength of Bolivian culture in the Metaverse through twenty-three outstanding pieces.

"K'AMASA" by Mamani Mamani - PRANA NFT STUDIO

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